2016 wasn’t all bad. Here are the 11 most inspiring people we met this year.

By Colby Itkowitz – Read the Original Article in The Washington Post here

For many, the end of 2016 can’t come soon enough. It’s been excruciating at times, testing our resolve, pitting us against one another, taking a generation of beloved cultural icons. Merriam-Webster named “surreal” its word of the year, which sounds about right.

Even as we say good riddance to 2016 — and we seem to have forgotten we were pretty eager to see the end of 2015, too — there’s uncertainty and trepidation about what awaits us in 2017.

Yet here at Inspired Life we’re fortunate to meet people who are the very best of humanity, whose stories make us sigh with relief that people like them exist in this world. Whether it was the uplifting ways they approach their own lives; or the selfless way they care about others, these are the people worth remembering as we reflect on 2016.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 such stories about individuals who inspired us most this year. It was a challenge to narrow it down, which was also a heartening reminder of how much good there is out there.

No matter what 2017 has in store, one thing is certain: There will be more stories like these to tell.

Ed Shoener

When his daughter, Katie, died by suicide, he honored her life by writing an obituary that was honest about her bipolar disorder and cause of death. A deacon at his church, Shoener wanted his community and the world to understand that his daughter was very sick, but her life was so much more than her illness. He wanted to do his part to erase the shame long associated with mental illness.